History Day

 History Working day Essay

Record Day ideas

Colonial Era

• Salem Witch trial offers

• The Stamp Act

• " No taxation without representation”

Revolutionary War Era

• Thomas Paine

• Thomas Jefferson

• John Locke: right to rebellion

• Adam Smith and Free Operate

• Bill of Legal rights

• Redcoats and patriots

• David and Abigail Adams

US to Civil War

• Nat Turner's Rebellion

• Louisiana Order

US Detrimental War

• John Dark brown

• Frederick Douglas

• Underground Railroad

• States' Rights v. Federalism

• New York City Draft Riots-1863


• Migration of African Americans

• Fresh weaponry

• Armenian genocide

• The Treat of Versailles

• Treaty System


• Flappers

• Growth in consumerism

• Advertising

• Fascism

• Welfare capitalism-reduce labor's effect

• Marcus Garvey as well as the UNIA

Great Depression:

• Wall street game Crash

• Migration

• Homelessness

• Prohibition-Organized Offense

• Ing Capone

• Deficit Spending-Keynesian Economics

• Federal Government authorities changing function regarding poor

• Fresh Deal applications


• Tuskegee Airmen

• New house purchase during WWII-Japanese on Western world Coast and Aleuts in Alaska • Holocaust

• Nazi's and the ‘Supreme Race'

• Korematsu v. Us

• Asile in America, Asia and The european union

• Females Aviators

• New technologies: Planes, reservoirs...

• Decision to drop the Atomic Blast

• Closing the Door to Jewish Asile

• Reparations for Jews and Japanese people

• Nisei Soldiers

• Hiroshima and Nagasaki

• Operation Overlord/D-Day

• Zoot Suit Riots


• Winston Churchill

• POW's

• Japanese ‘Comfort Women'

• Manhattan Project-Robert Oppenheimer

• Creation of the United Land

• Marshall Plan

Chilly War

• Cuban Missile Crisis

• Creation from the CIA

• CIA participation in: Republic of chile, Iran,

• Red Scare/McCarthyism


• Warsaw Pact

• Marshall Program

• Forearms Race

Post-war US//1950's

• McCarthyism

• Introduction of television

• Suburbanization individuals

• Baby Boom

• Federal Housing Administration-Urban revival

• Changing role of women

• Sputnik

Civil Legal rights

• Little Rock 9-Ike's use of force

• Selma march

• Jackie Brown

• Dark Panthers

• Malcolm X-Nation of Islam

• Plessy v. Ferguson v. Brown v. Plank of Education

• Chinese railroad workers

• Japanese-American Internment

• Affirmative Action

• Drive on Washington-A. Philip Randolph

• Traslado B. Very well Anti-lynching Advertising campaign

• Ku Klux Klan

• T. E. W. DuBois

• Booker T. Washington


• Montgomery Coach Strike



• Civil Legal rights Act of 1964

• NAACP legal strategies


• Great Contemporary society

• Peacefulness Corps


• Draft

• Ho Chi Minh

• Kent Condition

• Tonkin Gulf Image resolution

• Growth of Presidential Powers


• Nixon and Kissinger

• Military techniques of NVA v ALL OF US

• Key War in Laos

• Resistance-right to dissent

• William Westmoreland

• Government Papers

• Mai Tegul Massacre/Wm. Calley

• Early French Involvement

• Chilly War factors

• Conscientious Objectors

• Watergate-enemies list

• Tet-1968

• Function of television

• Vietnamization


• TR busting societe

• Sherman Anti-trust Take action

• Nyse

• Appear in Com phenomena/e-commerce

• Growth of credit/credit cards

• Assembly lines

Labor Activity

• Hormel Strike, 1985-86

• Atmosphere Traffic Controllers-c. 1982

• Cesar Chavez and Grape Boycott

• Ludlow (Co) Massacre

• Chinese train workers

• Coal Reach


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