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Blue Rose

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July 16, 2013

Blue Rose Benefit Plan

Company Profile

Company Name

Blue Rose

Federal government CB Vendor ID



31, Maple Street, Carson Town, Virginia, USA

Phone Number

123, Sample Rd, Carson Town, Virginia, UNITED STATES

(703) 123-4567

Fax Amount

123, Sample Rd, Carson City, Va, USA

(703) 123-4567


12 months Established


Business Type

almost 8 (a) Program Certified Business


[631622] Computer-programming services

Email ID

[email protected] com

Green Rose is a software company involved in creating mobile applications and free online games. There are forty five software technical engineers and 10 support staff working in the organization. The company has its own building and has become earning a frequent profit. Green Rose is an expert in designing cutting edge games which simulate real-time combat sequences, driving and virtual worlds. The company is definitely planning to begin a hardware division this year. Blue Rose's software and online games are scored among the top 10 apps and the most downloaded games list in the internet. Fortune

$ one particular, 700, 500


money 850, 1000

Fiscal Year End


SIC Sector Classification

6897 – Business office of the organization, NEC

Important Competitors

Rovio, Mekens (Other Game developing and software development Companies)

CEO & Chairman

Clairette Philips

Vice Chairman

Frederick McKenzie

Vice President

John Milton

Current Advantage Plan

All staff aged twenty-one are eligible to obtain the basic great things about Blue Rose software firm. They should have completed multitude of hours of service together with the company which usually occurs about one year following joining the company to be eligible for the benefits. The standard benefit strategy of Blue Rose includes Retirement strategies and A life insurance policy plans. Older engineers plus the management personnel get paid holidays and sick and tired leave. Almost all employees are entitled to get fundamental benefits like workers payment and Government Family and Medical Leave. FICA taxes will be deducted by every employee's salary. a. Retirement Rewards

The regular retirement age is 65. The advantage is determined based upon the annual compensation deal. Normal retirement rate gain will be equivalent to 10% with the actual reimbursement earned by employee each year. Pension rewards can be received from the date of doing service. This really is applicable to voluntary pension, employment end of contract and quitting due to handicap. b. Insurance Benefits

The company requires every employee who had completed a year with them to add 10% with their salary to life insurance. The business gives coverage up to 10 times the actual volume stored in the employee's insurance account in the case opf medical emergencies, death or perhaps disability. That they employees who had completed a few years of doing work in Blue Rose are eligible to adopt a loan issues insurance savings. c. Paid out leave

Senior technicians and supervision staff with completed eight years in Blue Rose and are everlasting employees in the company can get paid leave up to 15 days a year intended for vacation or medical disasters. They are also entitled to get travel around allowance for in-country holidays and cost-free accommodation in company guest houses in certain locations. Advancements Required

The benefits given by Blue Increased are quite lax considering the size and revenue of the firm. But , certain basic enhancements like dental and medical coverage and paid sick and tired leave for all employees will be required. The jr . employees can benefit a lot from this kind of plans. Proposed improvement plans

1 . A basic medical coverage for all personnel in the organization including the trainees who have below one year encounter is required. The plan should cover at least 25% of basic dental and medical expenses sustained by the employee. 2 . Employees with below 8 many years of service in Blue Flower do not get paid...

References: 1 . Meier, David. " The fundamentals of Worker Benefits”. Business owner. 2013. fifteenth July 2013.

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