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The consequences of Caffeine 1

The Effects of Caffeine and Placebo on Laptop Typing Skills St . Olaf College

May possibly 14, 2009

The Effects of Caffeine 2


This research examined the consequences of caffeinated versus caffeine-free CocaCola and Diet plan Coke for the speed, reliability, error and words per minute of typing skills. 40 undergraduate college students participated inside the experiment to get academic credit rating for an introductory to psychology course. The members consumed their choice of soda and were asked to await 30 minutes pertaining to the caffeine to take effect before doing the keying in test. The velocity Typing Evaluation 2000 was used to perform some of the test and also used to acquire the data pertaining to the reliant variables. The results showed no record difference (p=. 1-. 8) in any in the facets of performance across circumstances, which would lend support to the hypothesis that a placebo effect had taken effect. A post hoc control group was included with the try things out. The twelve participants inside the control group were not section of the initial two experiments, and completed the typing evaluation without usage of both beverage. The results from the comparison of the situation groups revealed no difference in efficiency in any of the dependent steps, undermining the hypothesis with the placebo impact. However a control was not put in place to make sure that participants did not consume caffeine before the study. A series of restrictions and confounds also present themselves.

The Effects of Caffeine 3

The consequences of Caffeine and Placebo on Computer Keying Skills Caffeine is one of the most highly used psychostimulants to get used in everyday routine (James & Rogers, 2005). Much research has been conducted into the associated with caffeine on the body's physical responses and reactions. Past studies have looked at the placebo a result of caffeine. A study conducted simply by Flaten and Blumenthal (1999) examined the physiological reactions to caffeine related stimuli. The results of the examine found a placebo result for espresso, a material highly associated with caffeine. This study, and many more, provide support that caffeine can produce a repeatable and trustworthy placebo impact. This examine did not take a look at the physical effects of caffeine, however , rather examining the consequence of caffeine in motor jobs. Caffeine has been found to increase attention, effect times, watchful, and mood (Frewer & Lader, 1991; Regina ain al., mid 1970s; Smith, 2002). Previous studies have identified that caffeine can enhance reaction amount of time in situations where a motor response was necessary, such as important tapping (Frewer & Lader, 1991). New research, done by Fillmore and VogelSprott (1992) identified that a electric motor response, in this case computerized tracking, can produce a placebo effect. The study looked at caffeine expectancy prices on overall performance. The results showed that participants who had been explicitly up to date that caffeine improved efficiency, did so. The participants who had been informed that research had shown that caffeine was inhibitory on performance, performed at a lower rate than the group who was given no cue for expectancy. The researchers concluded that a placebo effect can be examined in motor responsibilities according to the type of expectancy from the drug.

The intent from the current examine was to take a look at the placebo effect in the psychomotor process of keying. Very little studies have been done on the associated with caffeine upon typing. One study was found was by simply Hollingworth in 1912. This is a case study of a sole 38-year-old admin and the a result of caffeine for the speed and accuracy of typewriting. The research encompassed four weeks in which the player received various levels of caffeine (1-6 grains) along with control times where the girl received no caffeine. The results showed an increase in

The Effects of Caffeine 5

performance using a lower sum of caffeine, but an inhibited performance using a higher quantity of caffeine. This locating provides support that caffeine can improve...

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