Career Portfolio

 Career Profile Essay


The portfolio assignment report unveils me along several career dimensions by analyzing and improving my personal personality abilities according to diplomatic familiarity with my aim and goals. The obtaining a task to be a floor manager in the well-established broadcasting business as keen for years is not simple job but still can be collection focused toward goal. The analysis and interpretation with the personality skill can be carried out by determining leadership jobs, personality type and SWOT analysis. The discussions include the professional analysis, learning the factors to understand by conduction of a few interviews with personals. The justification of own characteristics and character will help enhance the individual personal to the next level of lifecycle.


Career development proposal6


1 . Background literature6

2 . 1 . Career Collection: A Definition7

2 . 2 . Role of television Flooring Manager7

2 . three or more. Required Skills8

2 . 4. Floor Manager Duties9

2 . 5. 1 . Before a Show9

2 . 5. installment payments on your During a Show9

2 . five. 3. Outdoors Broadcast Duties11

2 . five. Floor Supervisor Job Description11

2 . six. Salary scale and work place study12

2 . six. 4. Survey Analysis of Salary for Floor Managers13 2 . 7. 5. Work conditions and environment study14 2 . 7. Relevent professional bodies and associating organization15 2 . almost 8. 6. The Media and Entertainment Union16

installment payments on your 8. six. British Fun Media Association16 2 . almost 8. 8. Producers Alliance pertaining to Cinema and Television17 2 . 8. on the lookout for. Alliance of Canadian Theatre, Television and Radio Artists18 2 . almost eight. 10. Union of W. C. Performers18


2 . Practitioner's profession background and transcripts20 3. almost 8. Working medical specialist 1(AIDAN BOUTLER)20

3. 9. 11. Profession background history20

3. being unfaithful. 12. Interview transcript21

3. 9. Doing work practitioner 2 (KWAME LESTRADE)23

3. 15. 13. Job background history23

3. 12. 14. Interview transcript24

three or more. 10. Interview transcript info analysis26

three or more. Research incorporating pathways, tactics and goals26 4. eleven. My Perspective and My own Future Direction27

5. 12. Educational background and upcoming view28

4. 13. Education Plan28

5. 14. Profession background history29

4. Ideal discussions29

your five. 15. Where to find a Related Job inside the Industry29 five. 16. Join with " TELEVISION SET EXPERIENCE”30

5. SECTION 3 32

your five. Self assessment32

6. 18. Personality and managerial personas test results33 6. 18. 15. MBTI personality evaluation results32

6. 18. 18. Leadership top quality test results33

6. 18. Performance and feedback analysis34

6. MODEL interview35

7. 19. Interview attended- information35

7. twenty. Feedbacks35

7. 21. Tactical analysis and better understanding facts35 several. Conclusion37

8. Appendix38

1 . Programs vitae38

installment payments on your References39

3. 1 . Bibliography39

3. 2 . Websites40

Career advancement proposal

The career portfolio exploration scheme is to mould on my own to be a flooring manager of interest does need an important practice to be carried out accordingly in personality actions based on requirements. The aveu of requirements that actually held in front to get the selection of flooring manager are to be evaluated. This situatio of situation actually needs some of the elements to be identified like management qualities, managerial skills, relevant personality skills. These learning outcomes is going to...

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6. Creating your career profile: В at a look guide Ould - Graf Williams, В Karen L. Hall Prentice Hall, 2001


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