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Student instructing is the level of the baccalaureate degree in education. It is the crucial part of being an aiming teacher where all the ideas and principles learned inside the pre-service education are put into practice. It is one of many field study courses which have been intended to provide the aspiring educator with useful learning encounters in which he can observe, validate, reflect on, and also experience the several components of the teaching-learning operations in genuine school settings (CHED, 2004). Moreover, college student teaching will serve to reinforce the student teacher with experiences on the areas where this individual find himself weakest and where he will likely encounter problems when he turns into a full-time educator. The student tutor must be built with the ability to keep discipline in the classroom and use a range of teaching methods and strategies along with the mastery of his field of specialization to bring regarding student learning. His overall performance and effectiveness demands mainly his personal and moral qualities, emotional steadiness, and matter regarding the students' learning distinctions and issues. Effective instructing is mostly concerned with developing a learning activity which is successful in bringing about the type of learning the educator intends for every student. An effective teacher attends to scholar's social and emotional development as well as present high-quality academic and cognitive support (Scherer, 2012). He could be an mental, passionate being who attaches with his college students and complete his operate and classes with pleasure, creativity, challenge and delight (Hargreaves, 1998). The teacher adjusts often to ensure effective teaching and learning. (Anon., 2009). Planning and planning the lessons, maintaining classroom discipline and establishing audio working human relationships are some of the factors impacting on student teaching performance. Solid wood found that the major concerns in college student teaching are not related to academic preparation or perhaps techniques of classroom presentation but about interpersonal associations between pupil teacher and pupils and between college student teacher and supervising tutor (Metzner, 1969). Doebler & Roberson (1987) identified personal problems, economical concerns, family problems, emotions of insufficiency and bad personality traits for instance a of the elements that may hinder student teaching. In the hope of graduation as early as possible, some of the BEED and BSED student teachers risk to take overburden subjects along with Scholar Teaching; this provides them an extra workload. Some others, due to financial constraints, use take part-time employments to support their education. They attend to the school each day and work on night or dawn. The majority of them have on-going theses. Others encounter challenges associated with their health, issues of the cardiovascular and obligations in their co-curricular and extra-curricular organizations. Furthermore, frequent unfavorable interaction with misbehaving children is the leading work stressor for teachers (Hattie & Anderman, 2013). All of these add pressure to the college student teachers that whenever not maintained well can impact the student instructors physically, emotionally and socially, making them disappointed, irritable, frustrated, inefficient, messy and unsuccessful; thus impacting on their overall performance (Anon., 2008). The experts felt the requirement to conduct a report on the mental intelligence in the student teachers of Holy Name University or college to see whether there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and teaching overall performance.

Theoretical History

This study is anchored on Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Theory and Howard Gardner's Multiple Pensee Theory. Daniel Goleman in his Emotional Intelligence Theory specifies Emotional Intellect as the capability for...

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