Excel Holy book 2010

 Excel Bible 2010 Research Paper

CD-ROM Included!

" John Walkenbach's producing style the actual difficult seem to be easy from this book you can use as a guide or read cover to protect. You won't look for a more thorough book in Excel 2010 than this kind of! ” —Dick Kusleika, Microsoft MVP, DailyDoseOfExcel. com

• Searchable PDF FORMAT of the publication

• Appreciate functions, graphs, worksheets, and workbooks

System Requirements: View the CD

Appendix in the book pertaining to details and

complete program requirements.

• Master " what-if” examination, Goal Searching for, external database files, and pivot furniture

• Develop custom functions, program with VBA, and create UserForms • Make an effort new slice-and-dice tools to dynamically filter your data

Preview how the copied

textual content will look


Spot developments in your data

with Sparklines

John Walkenbach

aka " Mr. Spreadsheet” is the main

of J-Walk and Associates, Inc. and a

Microsoft Excel MVP. He is a respected

authority in spreadsheet computer software

and the founder of the prime

Power Utility Pak. David has crafted more

than 50 literature, as well as content and

reviews for guides including PERSONAL COMPUTER

World, InfoWorld, and Glass windows. He

as well maintains the widely used Spreadsheet

Web page at spreadsheetpage. com.


• Every one of the examples and workbook

files used in the book


Follow the examples in the book,

part by part, using the bonus

materials for the CD-ROM:

Stand out 2010

Can be on the


• Wake up to rate on everything fresh in Excel 2010

• Perform magic with mixture formulas—and even more with Sparklines

CD-ROM Included

John Walkenbach

If Stand out can do it, John Walkenbach

can present you how

What better way to master Excel 2010 than via " Mr.

Spreadsheet” himself? Excel expert, Microsoft MVP,

and author of all the prior top-selling models of

Excel Bible, Ruben Walkenbach supplies more than you, 000

web pages packed with tactics, tips, and tricks for

beginners as well as Excel electric power users. Discover what's

new in Excel 2010, find out shortcuts you didn't know,

make the Bows interface meet your needs, and master all the

latest ins-and-outs with this necessary guide.

• All cases and workbooks discussed in the book

• Searchable electronic version of this book, in PDF format


$53. 99 Canada

Grasp Excel remedies

for useful worksheets

Create effective graphs

suitable for the boardroom

Chart your data employing

Excel's diverse chart types

Shelving Category:

COMPUTERS as well as Spreadsheets

Visitor Level:

Starting to Advanced






Analyze and present

data with revolves tables

The book you need to succeed!

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Excel 2010 Bible


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Excel 2010 Holy book

John Walkenbach

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Excel® 2010 Bible

Published by

Wiley Posting, Inc.

10475 Crosspoint Chaussee

Indianapolis, IN 46256


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ISBN: 978-0-470-47487-7

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