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An Educational Effort by SEBI


NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Assessment VIII:

I. Basics of Derivatives

A. Basics of derivatives

B. Evolution of derivatives meters


C. Indian derivatives Market


D. Market participants

Electronic. Types of derivatives market

erivatives market segments

F. Value of derivatives


G. Various risk faced by participants in derivatives

2. Understanding Index

A. Summary of Index

N. Significance and economic purpose of Index

C. Types of Indices

G. Attributes of a catalog and idea of impact cost

E. Index management

N. Major Directories in India

G. Applications of Index

3. Introduction to Forward and Futures


A. Introduction to Forwards and Options contracts contracts

M. Payoff Charts for Futures and options contract

C. Futures prices

п‚· Money and hold / Non-arbitrage model pertaining to futures charges arbitrage

п‚· Expectancy model of futures costs

п‚· Idea of convergence of money and futures and options prices


D. Fundamental differences in Product, Equity and Index Options contracts

E. Uses of options contracts

п‚· Position of different players in futures and options market


п‚· Usage of futures deal as a highly effective instrument pertaining to managing risk se

п‚· Strategies for hedging, speculation and arbitrage in futures marketplace trategies

4. Introduction to Options

A. Fundamentals of alternatives

B. Payoff Charts to get Options

C. Basics of options charges and option Greeks

п‚· Fundamentals of options pricing


п‚· Overview of Binomial and Black-Scholes option prices models verview

п‚· Basics of Option Greeks

D. Uses of Options

NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Assessment VIII:

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A great Educational Motivation by SEBI

V. Option Trading Strategies

A. Option propagates and their compensation charts

B. Straddle: industry view and payoff graphs

C. Strangle: market view and payoff charts


Deb. Covered Call up: market look at and...

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