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 Industrial Accessory Report Dissertation


Eni E & P Section commenced actions in Nigeria in 1962 through a totally owed additional NAOC Limited. Activities of Eni in Nigeria have grown over the years resulting in the organization of other companies. These include the Agip strength and Organic Resources [Nigeria] Limited within the short water overseas and the Nigerian Agip Pursuit Limited, which concentrates on the deep drinking water frontier region.

NAOC Limited operates in the land swamp areas of the Niger Delta, under a partnership arrangement with NNPC, NAOC, and ConocoPhillips, with snack bars lying within just Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers states covering a total area of five, 313 sq km including of four obstructs.

Eni activities in Nigeria have demonstrated a strong commitment to active involvement of the web host communities in her businesses as a cure all to confident sustainable development in the region. In over 4 decades of their operation in Nigeria, NAOC has been positively involved in the promotion of socio- economic development and productive relationship having its host neighborhoods in the Niger Delta. Using its stong commitment to Coperate Social Responsibility backed by more than three decades of experience of gas and oil, NAOC always intended to exploit another essential source of energy: CULTIVATION.


G. Ur. P – an integrated modular rural development program made to improve the living standards with the agrarian inhabitants of the Niger Delta was launched in 1986 simply by NAOC in answer to call up of the Government Republic of Nigeria to all or any oil businesses to develop the primary sectors inside their concession place. It became one of many highest advantages made by NAOC Limited towards Sustainable Community Development in Nigeria.

Through the effective G. R. L unified farming extension services delivery program, these goals were met and today NAE has aided farmers in the procurement of improved farmville farm inputs, built fish hatchery complexes, agro- processing equipment, improved seeds/ seedlings intended for farmers, shaped cooperative societies and put capacity building programmes intended for farmer.




The purpose of soil lab in NAOC operational region is to manage the garden soil in such a way that dirt is not really alimiting aspect in agriculture we. e. to take care of the male fertility of the dirt.

Parameters employed in soil samples are:

-- pH [20grams]

- electric conductivity[20grams]

- exchangeable acid[10grams]

- readily available phosphorus[5grams]

-- organic carbon dioxide[black=0. twenty-five, yellow=0. your five, sandy yellow=1. 0grams]

- cations[sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium supplements 5grams each]

- texture[25grams]

3. 1 How you can register garden soil samples

• Soil test is received from diverse locations/ maqui berry farmers

• Ground sample can be registered with all the names from the farmers, the date the soil test came and the locations in which the soil sample is originating from.

• The soil sample is transported into electrical oven in fact it is dried pertaining to 2- a few days.

• Use 2mm siever to process the soil selections, then it is usually ready for weighing.

Equipments in the soil clinical

electrical oven, electronic considering balance, spectronic 20D+ metre, pH metre, electrical conductivity metre, centrifuge machine, garden soil auger, mechanised shaker, 2mm sieve, spatula, stir pole, distillation product machine, vapormatic machine, mortar and pestle, universal dispenser, fridge, laptop, measuring cyl, graduated pipette and flacon, volumetric flask, beaker, evaluation tube, blow up chamber elizabeth. t. c.

3. 1 . 1 How you can analyse pertaining to pH

-- Arrange 20ml of special container serially

-- Weigh 20grms of ground sample in to the container by using electronic ponder balance

- Measure...

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