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11/19/13 -- Adult Education Form - Learning Cable connections Resources 1/5

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You are a " Strong Willed Learner. "



Unlike actions of character, multiple intelligences, or learning styles, the LCI will provide you with specific information to enable you to work with your metacognition (internal self-talk of learning) to take responsibility for making learning work for you.

The importance of doing the LCI lies in the simple fact that the LCI provides an back to the inside look at learning processes, a great outward evaluation of an person's actions, and a terminology for detailing the specific actions the person requires 11/19/13 - Adult Education Form - Learning Cable connections Resources 2/5

that result in productive or unsuccessful learning final results. Completing the LCI is the first step to using a better comprehension of how you achieve that. Results show up as 4 different results. The most important element of the results is that they let you know whether you make use of a learning pattern initially, use it because needed, or seek to prevent it all with each other.

For example , if my size score to get Sequence can be somewhere between 25 and 35, I use Sequence at a Use 1st level. That indicates the next: 1 . I would like clear directions.

2 . We would like step-by-step directions.

3. I need time to carry out my job neatly.

four. I like to carry out my job from starting to end.

your five. I want to find out if I was meeting the instructors or perhaps my staff mates' objectives.

If my scale score for Series is 17 to 7, I prevent Sequence. I tend not to read directions. I don't plan or live by a routine. I seldom double-check my own work. I actually find next directions perplexing - and maybe even irritating. If my personal scale rating for Specific is somewhere within 25 and 35, I take advantage of Precision for a Make use of First level. That...

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