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" Merck & Co., Incorporation – 2009”

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Sampul, Pricilia Devita

Lapod, Azazya Stephanie

Malintoi, Allen

Otampi, Oktaviana

Sumampouw, Christine

Thelman, Inri





Merck didirikan dalam 1891

Pendiri Merck Co & Incorporation adalah George Merck

CEO Merck saat ini adalah Richard Clark

Tahun 1980-an. Merck sukses dengan menjadi penggerak penilitan dan menjaga proses pembuatan games baru dan inovatif. Merck adalah pelopor 10 obat baru

Merck banyak menandatangani perjanjian joint venture/akuisisi Tahun 2004. Merck menarik Vioxx (kasus ini berlangsung dari tahun 2004-2007) Tahun 08. Merck menandatangani penyelesaian dengan Komite pengarah penggugat Tahun 2009. Merck mengakuisisi Schering-Plough (9 Maret 2009) & (complete several November 2009)

Vision Statement:

" Each of our vision is to make a difference inside the lives of folks globally through our innovatives medicine, vaccines, biologic solutions, consumer overall health, and creature product. ”

Mission Declaration:

" Our work is to offer innovative, exclusive products and support that conserve and boost lives, fulfill customer requirements and to always be recognized as an excellent place to job. ”

Tactical Objective:

Improving Life: We embrace the quest to take on health difficulties because we could inspired by the differences we can make in the lives of individuals around the world. Ethics & Sincerity: We are focused on the highest standards of values and honesty. We are responsible to our consumers, to Merck employees, to the environments we inhabit, and to the communities we provide worldwide. Development: We are dedicated to the highest degree of scientific brilliance. We make an effort to identify one of the most critical requirements of consumers and customers, and through continuous innovation we all challenge themselves to meet all those needs. Access to Health: We aspire to increase the health and wellness of...

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