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Chapter 2

The Market Plan

What is a SWOT analysis and would will the acronym symbolize. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats

What are the internal elements of SWOT analysis?

Some internal elements of SWOT analysis will be the three C's. Company, consumers, and competition What are the external elements of SWOT analysis?

Chances and threats

Talk about some of the concerns that would be included in both evaluation? Questions Contain: reviews of the staff, the company's financial situation, Promoting Case Study: response the question with all the study on page 33. f How does the price of Nikon's video cameras determine how they are really promoted through TV, print out, and Web ads and after that distributed to customers? The cost would be determined on the expense of promotion through TV, produce, and on the net. This is due to the someone and the image they were trying to promote through advertising What is a PEST evaluation?

Is the deciphering of outside influences on an organization

What are the components of a advertising plan?

business summary, a scenario analysis, promoting goals/objectives, sales strategies, and execution What is a web marketing strategy?

Marketing Strategy- Identifies concentrate on marks and sets advertising mix alternatives that give attention to those market segments.

Being accomplished on Wednesday……………………………………….. Complete page 15 & 16 in the workbook.


2 . a couple of – Market Segmentation

1 ) What is marketplace segmentation?

The classifying people that form specific market in to even smaller sized groups 2 . What is a target market?

When choosing the right audience for your product

three or more. What sources do marketers use to find data for their research? They will study info generated simply by government research

4. From pages 44 – 48, list and write records on the some ways markets are segmented. Demographics- identifies statistics that describe a population regarding personal characteristics disposable income- is the money left after...

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