Company Culture and Values Electricity point

 Organizational Culture and Beliefs Power point Essay


Tradition and Beliefs

By: Cicely Leufroy

Teacher Nic Huf

NRS – 451V

Company Culture

• " Organizational culture involves an organization's

expectations, experiences, philosophy, and values that

hold it together, which is expressed in the self-image, internal

workings, interactions with the outdoors world, and future

targets. It is depending on shared perceptions, beliefs,

traditions, and created and unwritten rules which have been

developed after some time and are deemed

valid”(BusinessDictionary. com, 2015).


• " Important and lasting values or values shared by members of the culture by what is good or perhaps bad and

desirable or undesirable. Beliefs have main influence on the

person's habit and attitude and function as broad

suggestions in all situations”(BusinessDictionary. com,


Characteristics of Organizational

Lifestyle and Ideals

Organizational Tradition


Innovation and risk taking

Attention to detail

Result orientation

Persons orientation

Staff orientation



Principles are based on beliefs and

personality. There are 5 distinctive

characteristics of values:



Values as an image schema

Beliefs exist as being a verbal and written


 Personal is a linguistic process (Bristol, S. 2002)

Organizational Attributes

• Development and Risk taking- Workers are stimulates to be innovative and consider risk •

all the while promoting alter for the better.

Attention to detail- Showing precision and analyzing points that may should be changed

Result orientation-Focusing on the outcome

People orientation- Taking into consideration the afects that change may possibly have on the people

Staff orientation- Utilizing team function to make the fantasy work Aggressiveness- Having a proceed get them frame of mind instead of staying so relaxed Stability- Making sure things stay steady in the midst of change to keep things jogging smoothly

Quest of Northside Hospital

• We are dedicated to the health and wellness of the community. As such, we commit ourselves to being a centre of excellence in rendering high quality health-related.

• All of us pledge caring support, personal guidance and uncompromising specifications to our patients in their specific journeys toward health of body and mind.

• To ensure ground breaking and unparalleled care for the patients, we could dedicated to preserving our situation as local leaders in select medical specialties. • And to improve the wellness of our community, all of us commit ourselves to providing a diverse array of educational and outreach programs.

Values of Northside medical center

• SUPERIORITY – An initial value in every matters of healthcare, our excellence is born of specific commitment to the •

top personal potential. For whenever we reach our individual potentials, we can accomplish excellence while an institution. COMPASSION – We believe that each person is exclusive - affected person, family or caregiver -- in wellness, in sickness, in life, in death. They are all to receive our respect, the care, each of our appreciation, and our matter.. our sympathy. COMMUNITY – We value its health and are dedicated to its progress. In addition to our services, we offer an important business contribution, expressed through involvement with the persons, organizations and jurisdictions that vitalize, energize and support our region.

SERVICE – We identify a personal expression of caring which will transcends physical aspects of overall health. We recognize that this interesting depth of in order to others is most likely the source of our growth and wellbeing, while maintaining a fiscally successful organization.

TEAMWORK – Our success stems from teamwork. We understand the equivalent value and individual contribution of each member of our team. We feel in mutual regard for every single other and for our patients. We inspire teamwork by working together respectfully, communicating honestly and assisting the...

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