philosophy Composition

Lecture One


1What truly does philosophy imply?

-Everyone contains a philosophy

-We have concepts concerning issues, people, this is of existence, death, The almighty, what is negative and positive.

-We may possibly have certain attitudes to life, certain means of looking at things.

-For model:

-I am an optimist. I will always get a positive aspect to most unhappy situations.

-I don't have confidence in worrying excessive. I think regarding today. The next day can take care of itself.

-Although an individual claim this to become his philosophy and appropriately so.

Nevertheless this is not philosophy as a discipline. It is also broad, vague, superficial, gregario and unclear. It does not properly describe the task of a philosopher.

-We have to define idea more specifically.

2The word " philosophy”.

-The Word " Philosophy”.

-Philia (love) & Sophia (wisdom) = his passion of wisdom.

3Definitions of philosophy

a. The study of the nature and that means of the world and of man life On-line Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

b. Beliefs is a rational attempt to glance at the world as a whole.

4What really does philosophy keep pace with do?

-Philosophy seeks to examine fundamental queries about the universe approximately ourselves with the expectation of discovering consistent guidelines by which we can understand and live.

5Human beings have always sought answers to selected fundamental questions

- Exactly what are these primary questions?

-What makes an action write or perhaps wrong?

-What is my own purpose in the world?

-What is definitely truth?

-What makes a great life?

-Is God significant in our lives?

-Where really does knowledge are derived from and how do we know that our knowledge is valid.

-What may be the relationship between mind and body?

6Why do we will need philosophy?

Why do some of us need philosophy when we have science and technology?

-We have advanced so much in science and technology

-We live in urban centers, we have overcome the air and have ventured in space?

-Communication is so designed that length no longer things

-We possess immense electricity over nature

-We can produce more goods and services than ever before

-So, why do some of us still will need philosophy?

7Yet all these developments cause us to be disturbed and troubled

-There can be described as danger the fact that very technology we have designed could eliminate us.

-For example indivisible technology.

-We seem to be unable to deal with the problems of warfare, famine, terror, distribution of wealth, air pollution, the vulnerable extinction of wildlife, exploitation and oppression of the poor.

-Knowledge and values appear to be divorced.

-This is in which philosophy is available in. It helps all of us to examine existence as people and teams.

-Philosophy may not be in a position to provide strategies to all the planet's problems. But it really helps to look at issues obviously, consider options and help all of us to make informed decisions.

-With poor, imperfect and short reasoning we all cannot build an enlightened society

-If we are not able to distinguish between valid and invalid reasoning, after that we become victims of persuasive orators, cult commanders and unethical political market leaders.

-Philosophy allows us to see more deeply and clearly in to an issue. It assists us to question classic and outdate beliefs in order that we can make informed options

-Knowledge of ethical systems help us to live honest lives in the personal and communitarian level.

-Knowledge of what constitutes beauty helps us to appreciate and esteem differences in specific and social concepts of beauty and art.

-Being able to think critically can help us to be familiar with any irrational and oppressive beliefs in religion.

8The traditional divisions of beliefs.

a. Common sense

b. Metaphysics

c. Epistemology

d. Benefit Theory



-The systematic study of guidelines to distinguish or recognize very good arguments by bad.

-In an argument, organizations will give opposing views.

-How do...

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