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Subway Eating places is the leading boat sandwich operation in the United States and the world with 20, 532 restaurants worldwide located in seventy two countries. Restaurant locations carry on and increase year over season from a rate of 4 percent in 1999 to 14 percent in the year 2003. Brand recognition grows because market geographically expands. The modern Tuscany DГ©cor reinforces thinking about a fresh, healthful and nice tasting menu items. Recent enhancements such as the Atkins diet friendly sandwich wraps should certainly establish a more powerful association between just great tasting fast food to now healthy mouth watering fast food since concerns always grow about the increasing obesity problems.

A diverse menu continues to supply a healthy replacement for burger organizations which continually support overall growth. Goal markets carry on and include individuals with incomes above $55, 000, students, and young pros in large population centers, and people concerned with all their health like the overweight.

With over control over over 59 percent of the market, Subway's closest competition continues to continue to be Quizno's. Concern over their particular ability to go Subway's consumer bottom from old franchise " no frills" restaurants is known as a concern. A more recent addition to the submarine meal market is Burger King with their numerous grilled rooster submarine casse-cro?te on baguettes. With above 11, 000 restaurants, this might develop into a main threat.

Suggestions include centering marketing survey studies on the ability of Quizno's and Burger King to erode customer base. Further evaluation is needed regarding the results of trial direct marketing of coupons through text messaging. The response rate for the 800 text messages sent out for free Subway sandwiches was 8 percent. This is certainly greater than the average response to paper coupons and can be a superb avenue to target the technology dependant target audience.

Subway Restaurants Marketing Example

Situational Evaluation

Subway was founded in 1965 in Bridgeport Connect by James Deluca and Dr . Peter Buck. Today Subway may be the world's greatest submarine meal chain with over 20, five-hundred store spots in more than 72 countries. This growth pattern within the last 38 years has made Subway the second major fast food sequence behind McDonald's. Entrepreneur journal rates Subway the number you franchise for 12 from the last 18 years. The franchise is still well received both nationally and internationally with progress in business restaurants up 14 percent between 2002 and 2003. Subway continues to be the nationwide leader in the franchise business. The market continues to need a healthier fast food option to the countrywide burger organizations. Families desire a more upscale eating experience as home cooking continue to be decline and health concerns increase. Subway is usually perfectly positioned with its fresh Tuscany dГ©cor restaurants which have been bright, pleasant, and stress the fresh healthier menu option.


1 out of 4 adults today consumes a fast food food per day. Inner marketing surveys have detailed information on Subway's loyal consumers. In addition , parents now have a healthier approach to kids' dishes that include the fruit roll up and juice rather than a cookie and soda. This article continue to be leveraged in marketing plans and marketing promotions. Needs and wants will still be monitored and new product development will be well guided by these types of survey benefits.

Subway has locations throughout North America and services a various market using a very reliable menu in one location to the next. Combining with TCBY Yogurt stores has been an excellent addition to expand product sales to the same target market. Subway has ongoing to stay faithful to the same market foundation throughout the years with very little deviation. The success has come from growing its hold on that marketplace and increasing average usage per consumer. With the Jarod...

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