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ALAIR Mandal


Village/Gram Panchayat: MATOOR

Mandal: ALAIR

Department: BHONGIR



PIN: 508 286

Institution DISE Code: 23 05 609

Headmaster: M. Sudhakar

Mandal Educational Officer: Versus. Upendar Reddy

Deputy Educational Officer: M. Madan Mohan

District Educational Officer: A. Jagadish

Sarpanch / Special Officer: P. Sai Ram memory. M. R. O.

Headmasters Phone Zero: +918978905181

School E-mail: [email protected] com

Headmasters E-mail: [email protected] com

SMDC A/c Amount: 31052614590

Traditional bank & Part: SBI, Bhongir

IFSC Code: SBIN0012716

1 . Village Profile – Geographic

1 . 1 ) Location, Geo-Physical features, the and management positions

The community Matoor can be described as historically and archeologically significant area located within the heart of telangana. It is 12kms away from the Mandal Head Sectors Alair, 120kms away from the region headquarters Nalgonda and 85kms distant from the state capital Hyderabad. Found on the latitudes 17. 34” North, longitudes seventy nine. 06” East. The campus has a one of a kind style, having a play floor in a square shape.

1 . 2 . Information on neighbouring, feeder villages, hamlets

Three villages specifically Sharbhanapuram, Chakampally and Pedhabavi are the adjoining or feeder villages. MPPS Matoor and MPPS Sharbhanapuram are the only two feeder schools just for this High School. Two schools Namely MPPS Chakampally and MPPS Pedhabavi had been closed lengthy back because of low enrollment or actually zero enrollment.

1 ) 3. Length mapping

The School can be found at 12kms distance from the Mandal Brain Quarters Alair, 120kms range from the district headquarters Nalgonda and 69kms distance from the state capital Hyderabad. The college comes below ZPHS Golankonda School Intricate which is regarding 3kms length. ZPHS Ammanabole is the nearby Success institution (TM & EM) which can be located at a distance of 2kms.

4. Specific Area with concentration of SC and also other focus Groupings including hispanics

The concentration of Scheduled Elegances is high in this village almost 50% of the population is Scheduled Groupe. Very few persons comes beneath Scheduled People. Only Three families is STs. Up coming to SCs OBC human population comes in the second place. In the OBC category Gouds and Kurmas would be the highly inhabited castes. While only one fraction family is right now there in this village which again comes beneath OBC category.

1 . Community Profile-Demographic

1 . Total Populace

Total Population in the village is definitely 1121 of that males will be 550, females are 571. SC Population is 320 of that 147 are Men, Females happen to be 173. STREET Population is usually 15 of this 10 happen to be Males, Females are five. OBC Population is 701 of that Males are 393, Females are 393.

|Matoor |SC Populace |ST Human population |OBC Population | |Population 2011 | | | | |Male |550 |147 |10 |393 | |Female |571 |173 |05 |393 | |Total |1121 |320 |15 |786

2 . Literacy Rate.

Village literacy rate is 58. 70% of that guy literacy rate stands in 70. 91% while Woman literacy price is at 46. 94% Mandal literacy charge is sixty two. 30% of these male literacy rate stands at seventy two. 37% while Female literacy rate is at 52. 35% District literacy rate is usually 65. 00% of that men literacy price stands by 75. 00% while Girl literacy rate is at fifty five. 00%...

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