The Anglo-Saxon conquest

 The Anglo-Saxon conquest Composition

The Anglo-Saxon Conquest

Inside the 5th 100 years, first the

Jutes and after that the Saxons

and the Aspects began to

invade Britain.

•The Jutes and the Angles

came from the Jutland


•The Saxons originate from the

terrain lying between

Rhine as well as the Elbe which

was down the road called Saxony.

The reasons why the anglo-saxons decide in The uk

• To gather stones to

build all their huts in

• To work with the better soil to

grow crops

• Lands were often


• The land was warmer

• To have the precious

objects and gold

• The rivers gave convenient

routes in land

It took 150 years to conquer the Celts

• There are times the Britons failed to want the Angles and Saxons to advance and also there was clearly sometimes frontrunners that

arise and halted the Anglo and Saxons for a short times just like king Arthur, nevertheless the frontrunners died they advance.

• There were likewise times could not advance to another city mainly because some Britons didn't need to leave their homes for

the barbarians to be there, nevertheless the Angles and Saxons

often were fierce, ferocious warriors and in addition they forced those to leave.

They will didn't have the ability to conquer the west (Cornwall and Wales) and the north (Scotland) with the British Isles and Ireland

Eventually the invaders satisfied down and

formed several small kingdoms the Heptarchy (гептархия): 1 . Sussex (South Saxons)

2 . Wessex (West Saxons)

three or more. Essex (East Saxons)

four. Northumbria

a few. Mercia

6th. East Anglia

7. Kent

The Anglo-Saxons were pagans and continued to be so for some time. The days with the week were named after their Gods


Sun's time


Moon's day


Tuesco's time (Tiu) – god of darkness


Woden's day (god of war)


Thor's time (god of Thunder)


Freya's day time (goddess of Peace and Plenty)




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