Transaction Research

 Transaction Evaluation Essay


• Introduction

• Types of Transactions

u Complementary Transaction

o Non - Contributory Transaction

um Ulterior Purchase

• Lifestyle Script

• Script Matrix

• Life Positions

u " I am just OK, You aren't OK"

um " I'm OK, You are not OK"

um " I'm Not ALRIGHT, You're OK"

o " I'm Not OK, You are not OK"

• Conclusion

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When two people interact with the other person there effects a interpersonal transaction. Evaluation of the interpersonal transactions is called Transactional Analysis (TA). A formal definition of TA is that it is " The study of moves people make in their working with each other and is based on the concept people's relationships resemble movements in games”.

Dr . Eric Berne, the originator of TA, looks at a purchase as the unit of sociable intercourse. A transaction includes a transactional stimulation (TS) and a transactional response (TR). TS may be the behavior (verbal or non-verbal ) made by one person in acknowledgement in the presence more when two or more people face each other. TR is the respond to TS by simply another person.


Purchase analysis Picture

Berne proposed that whatever happens between two or more persons could be separated into a number of single orders from a specific ego claims. A 'transaction' consisting of a novel stimulus and a single response, verbal or non-verbal from person to a different. It is called a 'transaction' since each get together gains a thing by it and this is the reason why s/he engages in it. KONSTRUERA involves evaluation of consciousness, structural analysis (Ego states), analysis of transaction, software, position analysis and online games analysis. At this point we are going to find about the analysis of transaction, placement analysis and script examination. TYPES OF TRNSACTIONS:

A transaction can be defined as a transactional stimulus along with a transactional response, this becoming the basic device of cultural discourse. (The use of the words 'stimulus' and 'response' is usually assuming something from the designs point of view. It can be argued a transaction might be a stimulus & stimulus (or) response & response: �    'How are you? ' 'I feel like rubbish today'    'How are you, do you get the job? ' Or 'I wish I had fashioned another day off' Depending on the Spirit states of persons linked to transactions, there could be three types of transactions – Complementary, Crossed and Ulterior purchase. Complementary Deal: A Contrasting transaction where the ego point out addressed may be the ego state that responds. Making use of the ego express functional style, with arrows or 'vectors' to show the direction of every transaction, the vectors will probably be parallel: Types of Complementary Deals

Adult-Adult Deal Adult-Child Transaction

[pic] [pic]


Parent-Parent Transaction Adult-Parent Purchase [pic]

Parent-Adult Transaction Parent-Child Transaction [pic] [pic]

Child-Parent Transaction Child-Adult Transaction [pic]

Child-Child Purchase


Adult-Adult Transaction: In these ego states are very effective because both equally persons are acting within a rational fashion. Data is definitely processed, decisions are made, and both parties will work for the solutions. Pleasure is attained by both folks from the solution rather than a single person(superior) having other person(subordinate). However , there are a few inherent disadvantages to the adult-adult transactions.

Adult-Child Transaction: It is usually effective if the manager knows the ego state from the employee. In such case, the administrator can allow automobile in the child ego to be creative. Yet there may be injury in this interaction. When the worker acts irrationally because of his child...

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